Saturday, March 17, 2012

Won't You Come Along With Me

1) Bagheera, regal, in indignity

2)Earlier Stittsville Artists & Writers GN display

(Eileen watching the shop).

Once more I step into the world of the bogged blog.

For any who haven’t given up on visiting this site, if you haven’t already read it, during this past week the interview with me that was conducted by Jayne Self was posted. It can be found at and . There are a few photos you won’t have seen before.

If you’ve already read it, you’ll know that when asked, I talked about preparing sermons and various liturgical components as being my favourite writing activity. What I couldn’t know when I was interviewed is that during the very week the interview was posted, I would be thoroughly enjoying gathering those very materials of many years, organizing and shaping them to meet the needs of two responsive publishers who have expressed interest and specific encouragement.

I’m certainly not guaranteed that all will be published, but there is the joy of preparing and the hope of publishing and payment. If any pieces are published, I’ll have the added joy of serving the wider church in this capacity, AND I can do this work without leaving my husband at home for long periods of time, something I’ve less and less inclination to do as he deals with his emphysema. We’ve been separated enough over time with each of us obtaining our theological education in different provinces and at different times, with minimal overlap.

You’re wondering about GRANDMOTHERS' NECKLACE Necklace? Sales have slowed, but certainly not died. We hope to sell some more copies at an upcoming AFRICAN DINNER, Wednesday, March 28th, that the Petawawa Grannies are presenting for an area group called WIN (Women’s Initiative Network) and interested friends, though many of those persons will already have bought copies at last year’s dinner. In other parts of Canada, sales continue. People tend to forward the money to me when they’ve gathered a $100.00. I wait until I have $100.00 or more before I submit each month. I wonder what it is like for the African grandmothers and children waiting, while we wait for $100.00? Which projects are on hold?

On Wednesday, April 25th, I’m invited to have a display at the Pembroke Library Book Fair, ENTITLED, to help more people become aware of the book’s existence, value, purpose and contributors. (Though our mailing address is Pembroke, we actually live in Petawawa and persons from either of these two communities, busy with their own lives, are often unaware of what is happening in the other.)

We’ll have some contributors to the book present for signing copies, always more fun. On one-third of the table I will also do a little self-promotion as writer-editor with samples of work done, to help catch up on time that was put aside for preparation and promotion of Grandmothers’ Necklace. There are to be publishers, authors, other types of writers and editors and other related displayers there. Whether or not there will be readings is uncertain at the moment. We’ll be ready, just in case.
Also hope to go again to the ARTISTS AND WRITERS IN THE PARK and on Sunday, May 27th, in Stittsville, near Ottawa. This time we’ll be able to refer interested persons to two popular independent Ottawa bookstores carrying GN, in case purchasers wish to buy copies for friends and relatives after reading their own books. This often happens, thank goodness. Exposure to the book's contents is the key.

If I participate in WRITE!CANADA on June 14-16th, a The Word Guild conference for Christians who are writers and editors of all types and levels, some of the books will go with me. Our son Daniel and wife would care for the cats and house here. Robert would be happily visiting with our daughter and family not far from the Guelph site, where I would join them after the conference for Father’s Day activities and a rest before returning.
Had intended to post some related photos but another thunder storm appears to be starting and can't take a chance, despite the "safe-guards".
One fried computer since we arrived here is more than enough!

B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l country! BUT some "i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g storms!

Edited version: Above is one related photo and one because I thought you might like it. Still very new at this and don't do it frequently enough to be sophisticated about it.