Saturday, April 20, 2013

Woman Seeing Red - the Poem

The poem itself, at some persons' request. Remember that the rhythm is irregular in places. That's the best I can do for enlarging for reading. It is long for one page.

Patricia's Poem Stepping Out in Style

Here in the note plus two pictures of how my poem "Woman Seeing Red" is being used for display by the Jana & Emilia Fashion Design Studio in Ottawa.  It is exciting. You can see their website and contact info. below. What talented and gracious women!

Hello Patricia,

With our pleasure we can email the pictures from our studio to you - featuring your beautiful poem there!

We had taken pictures with a high resolution, so that you'd be able to read the poem from the pictures too.
The pictures are also manipulated in a picture editor to enhance details. I hope you like them as much as we do.

Thank you again for your wonderful contribution to our passionate Volcano Collection!

Kind regards,

Jana & Emilia

Fashion Design Studio

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mind with a View - You Tube  As of a couple of days ago, here is where you can see me talking about my life as a writer. I'm more comfortable preaching or teaching than doing this, but feel it is worth the effort. I'm grateful to the Pembroke Library for the opportunity. Free-lancer writers can have work published world wide and still not be well known.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Timmy enjoys a good book written by Patricia
Begun on April 11th, my 2013 birthday. Having intended to sleep in and read in bed for a while, I’m awake at the usual time. Soon, I’ll go to dancercise to 50’s music and feel like I’m a third of my age...for a while. Then, reality will grab me by the throat and say “Sit down, silly woman!” It will be too late—I’ll have had fun!

The book, Grandmothers’ Necklace, has taken over much of my life since it was published. Although I’m not ignoring that anthology, I’m once more focusing on my own writing and editing career, and happy to be doing it. Many manuscripts are out there and three poems were recently published on line.

April 10th, Jennifer, from the Pembroke Public Library, (where you can also find two poems of mine—Press Pass  and Cocktail Party See-Saw , did a video of me talking about my writing career.

Timmy, my youngest son’s chimpanzee, and other props went with me. Despite Jennifer’s kindness, I was relaxed only part of the time, remembering to look at the camera, but we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll let you know if it is actually posted on their web site.

In February 2013, “Mute Mutant”, a poem, was accepted by Bywords for their February on-site issue:

Grandmothers’ Necklace, not having a stale date because of its content, is just as good as ever. . Leslie White, Valley Artisans’ Co-op, continues to update the names of places across Canada which sell the book on our behalf for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. I was thrilled to hear that one of the clients for whom I am editing wants to buy seven copies of the book! She won a copy at Write! Canada last year, so she knows what she is getting.

Today, my too-long-lapsed membership in the Valley Arts Council   was renewed. At least, today I submitted my form and a few relevant photos. The membership fee will go tomorrow. Apparently, they are intending to focus again on writers in addition to performers and graphic writers. I expect they’ll eventually have some information about me on the site as one of the benefits of my being a member. Because I write and edit in so many genres, it is not easy to encapsulate my writing career in an easy prĂ©cis.

My membership in The Word Guild  continues, with all its benefits, including a slightly decreased registration fee for the Write!Canada Writers’ Conference that is held, usually in Guelph, each year on Father’s Day weekend. I’ve signed up and submitted the advance materials required for the continuing class in which I chose to participate.

My registration packet should arrive soon and I can decide what else I wish to do (interviews with agents, selling #Grandmother’s Necklace in bookshop, preparing a goody for the loot bags [not a requirement, but a good idea], join in the morning or night readings, etc.) There is much to do! Looking forward to seeing some familiar and new faces there. Will get to meet another editing client in person.

If all goes as usual, our house and cats will be enjoyed by our son and daughter-in-law while we are away and both Robert (husband) and myself will stay at the home of our daughter and her husband in Burlington when I’m not actually staying on site for the writers’ conference. It will be good to see the grandchildren in person, too.

My apologies to anyone who has knocked here frequently to find stale news and nobody at home. If you have questions about obtaining Grandmothers’ Necklace, or wish to do a review of it, please contact me at