Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Card Photo (see previous post)

Catching Up With You

Greetings, Thank you for dropping by. The original prime purpose of this site was that of promoting Grandmothers’ Necklace, an intriguing collection of short stories and poems compiled and edited by myself in order to raise funds to assist the grandmothers in sub-Saharan Africa who have been persevering in raising their grandchildren—orphaned by AIDS/HIV under conditions that most of us could never begin to, nor want to, imagine. Many talented writers from Ireland, the USA and Canada contributed to this book. People have told me several times that this is a wonderful book to have in the bathroom, as long as one is not worried about line-ups of anxious people awaiting a turn in the reading room. I prefer to think of it as a bedside book, suitable for a few short, satisfying reads before it is time to turn out the light. As recently as last month, Katharine Fletcher, author of several books about tours and trips, in an Ottawa Citizen column, encouraged Ottawa day-trippers to travel to the Valley Artisans Co-op Inc.’s Gallery, in Deep River. Imagine our joy when we saw one paragraph devoted to the book itself, with a recommendation to check it out! The Valley Artisans Co-op Inc., first business in Canada to carry our book, also hosts a page on their FB site about the book and where else in Canada to buy it. The Gallery itself has beautiful original items, perfect for gift-giving. If you check their site at , you’ll have some idea of what I mean. Customers from other provinces and countries stop there regularly on their trips through the area. The Valley Artisans have renewed their book supply once again. . Also during this past month, I received $100.00 from sales at the Antrim Truck Stop. Their copies are all gone for now. Orders have just come in from Southern Ontario, persons who have received the book as a gift and now, having read it, want to give it as a gift to friends. The beauty of it is that the contents are not stale-dated and the money can continue to go to help those who are working so hard on their own. What is happening with me, in addition to a continuing interest in promoting the book? One more bit of news re.Grandmothers to Grandmothers. For the annual Grandmothers’Tea sales tables, I was able to create some blank note paper using photos I’d taken in this area and elsewhere. Felt a strong urge to do something a little different in addition to the book. If I can, I’ll put one of the photos on the site. The other Petawawa Grannies (and Grandothers) are doing all sorts of things to work as one with the grandmothers in Africa. They served at a local Boston Pizza for one night and will be doing so again soon. A percentage of all food sales during that time goes to the Grandmothers to Grandmothers. One person made a quilt for auction. There are homemade jams and jellies. My own time is devoted to editing some very interesting manuscripts, tutoring a very capable officer from Garrison Petawawa and to a variety of writing enterprises. One disappointment was that a project in New York City was cancelled due to “artistic differences” among the persons there who had started it. I had hoped to see the monologue I’d submitted presented on the stage off-Broadway. Ah, well. My “The Cuddle of Cats” manuscript continues to receive good reviews from readers. An area veterinarian, after reading it, has stated she’d be happy to write some good words in the introduction or on the back cover. I’m hoping to interest a particular agent in it early next year. If and when it is published, I’d like a portion of the earnings to go the SPCA. Not everything, as is the case with the GN book. This one has to earn some money for our household. A few health challenges for my husband and me keep us from being as active as we would like to be. Still, there’s something to be said for having to be quiet for periods of time. The cats are cuddled nearby, or going mad as the birds and squirrels, back-dropped by the tall pines, give a performance on the window sill. The electrical fireplace is cozy (no fire with an oxygen user!). The music playing is rich and dream-promoting. As one daughter often says, “All is good.”

Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's A Pain

Access to computer still erratic. Unnecessarily complicated to get it going which means I have to leave it on for too long at a time or take a chance on its not starting again. Today's dental surgery renders me rather indifferent to that.

Email from View-Bug waiting in pile-up stated I'd won a "Brilliant" award for a photo submitted some time ago. I couldn't actually post it without giving information re. friends, etc. See it at Morning Mist #6 by cheapshot That helps to ease the mouth pain a little.

Something else that authentically helps is reading Surprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber, who spoke and taught at #Write!Canada 2013. Have only made it to page 47 thus far. Her writing is as intelligent and personable as she was in person. Despite the sadness of some of the early topics, her light touch with them and her sense of humour are making it a joy. It may help me to identify because I, also, am somewhat geographically challenged. I hope to write a review later on. Now to join my Tylenol friends so I can concentrate on reading some more.

I'm grateful to those who have been praying for me re. the challenging dental work and the computer's illness. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh Canada, God's Love is Here!

It’s just past Canada Day, 2013. I awoke this morning thinking of a hymn text I’d written for a national competition some years ago: “Oh Canada, God’s Love is Here!” Those who have travelled or lived across Canada will be able to identify with the scenes outlined in it. This hymn was never meant to be sung in its entirety at any one time. Its intention and effect would be deadened. Parts of it have been featured on national bulletins and have been used in worship services.

Verses that relate to the area of Canada in which it was sung and those which relate to stewardship are to be used at the time of singing.

The tune for the verses is that of Great Is Thy Faithfulness, sung a little faster than it’s played on this site: The tune of the chorus is different; the music for that is indicated at the bottom of the page. It received only an honourable mention but I’d still like to share it, instead of leaving it in a manuscripts drawer. A belated Happy Canada Day to you.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Write!Canada, here we come!


It’s that time again—Write!Canada—The annual Writers’ Conference sponsored by The Word Guild, national organization of writers and editors who are Christians! I’ve been happily and busily editing three book manuscripts for the past while, but have put that aside, with the clients’ encouragement, to belatedly prepare my own materials for the conference. An infected tooth has added a challenge. For the time being, that’s defeated by an antibiotic which is intended to carry me until our return home. Then, the tooth, and perhaps its neighbour, must go. No more pain in tooth, jaw and ear!

Of course, I’ll be taking along my consignment copies of Grandmothers Necklace, the anthology of poetry and prose for which the entire sale price brings in money (personally sold nine copies last month) for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers branch of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, to help to fight the tide of AIDS/HIV in Africa. (It is great to be promoting a product of such excellent writing quality. We don’t have to count on compassion sales.) If you buy, please try to buy from one of the outlets across Canada which carry the book for us. If you are also able to buy something else that they provide, so much the better. We’d like to see them rewarded. The sites were carefully chosen as places of quality.

My materials are almost ready for the classes and workshops I’m taking and for my interview times. My display set-up, still eye-catching, (In a nutshell: I’m an editor. I’m a writer. Buy Grandmothers’ Necklace and my writing and hire me to edit. Make me happy.) but deliberately smaller than last year (so I don’t hog quite as much on-site space from other writers), is ready to go into the back seat or the ample trunk of our new red Mazda 6 2014, on top of Robert’s oxygen tanks and our luggage for the trip, the stay at our daughter’s home, and for the Guelph Conference Centre itself.

Yes, Robert bid a sad farewell to the Mazda RX8. We’ll no longer be torturing it by keeping a sports car (that can’t have a block heater) in a carport and expecting it to start in the icy Ottawa Valley mornings. It was a great five years but the time had come. Apparently there were at least four offers for the car while it sat in the lot just after it had gone in. The Petawawa military at the Base Language School used to love it, crowding over to the window to see it when we arrived. May it have a cosy garage for the rest of its “life”.

In our absence, our home will lived in by our son and his wife, whom the cats two adore. (Bagheera frequently moans at the door when their car is pulling out of the driveway.) Daniel and Brenda will have the space they miss when in their apartment. The cats will have younger, livelier companions. During the conference, Robert will stay at the home of our daughter’s family in Burlington. She is a gourmet cook and pampers us. I’ll get to be part of that after the conference, and to spend some time with the grandchildren. Robert and our son-in-law may very well spend part of Father’s Day weekend at the air show in Hamilton!

After my return, I hope to get promised book reviews completed (belatedly), walls painted (still accusingly waiting after our months-long plumbing endurance test), lawns raked and cut, and joyfully continue my editing (meant sincerely. The ms. I have right now are very interesting), and, of course, writing.

More than enough gabbing. Time to take my antibiotic, catch a little more sleep, so I can continue preparations for the week to come.



Someday I'll learn how to post photos properly in here.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Woman Seeing Red - the Poem

The poem itself, at some persons' request. Remember that the rhythm is irregular in places. That's the best I can do for enlarging for reading. It is long for one page.

Patricia's Poem Stepping Out in Style

Here in the note plus two pictures of how my poem "Woman Seeing Red" is being used for display by the Jana & Emilia Fashion Design Studio in Ottawa.  It is exciting. You can see their website and contact info. below. What talented and gracious women!

Hello Patricia,

With our pleasure we can email the pictures from our studio to you - featuring your beautiful poem there!

We had taken pictures with a high resolution, so that you'd be able to read the poem from the pictures too.
The pictures are also manipulated in a picture editor to enhance details. I hope you like them as much as we do.

Thank you again for your wonderful contribution to our passionate Volcano Collection!

Kind regards,

Jana & Emilia

Fashion Design Studio

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mind with a View - You Tube  As of a couple of days ago, here is where you can see me talking about my life as a writer. I'm more comfortable preaching or teaching than doing this, but feel it is worth the effort. I'm grateful to the Pembroke Library for the opportunity. Free-lancer writers can have work published world wide and still not be well known.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Timmy enjoys a good book written by Patricia
Begun on April 11th, my 2013 birthday. Having intended to sleep in and read in bed for a while, I’m awake at the usual time. Soon, I’ll go to dancercise to 50’s music and feel like I’m a third of my age...for a while. Then, reality will grab me by the throat and say “Sit down, silly woman!” It will be too late—I’ll have had fun!

The book, Grandmothers’ Necklace, has taken over much of my life since it was published. Although I’m not ignoring that anthology, I’m once more focusing on my own writing and editing career, and happy to be doing it. Many manuscripts are out there and three poems were recently published on line.

April 10th, Jennifer, from the Pembroke Public Library, (where you can also find two poems of mine—Press Pass  and Cocktail Party See-Saw , did a video of me talking about my writing career.

Timmy, my youngest son’s chimpanzee, and other props went with me. Despite Jennifer’s kindness, I was relaxed only part of the time, remembering to look at the camera, but we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll let you know if it is actually posted on their web site.

In February 2013, “Mute Mutant”, a poem, was accepted by Bywords for their February on-site issue:

Grandmothers’ Necklace, not having a stale date because of its content, is just as good as ever. . Leslie White, Valley Artisans’ Co-op, continues to update the names of places across Canada which sell the book on our behalf for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. I was thrilled to hear that one of the clients for whom I am editing wants to buy seven copies of the book! She won a copy at Write! Canada last year, so she knows what she is getting.

Today, my too-long-lapsed membership in the Valley Arts Council   was renewed. At least, today I submitted my form and a few relevant photos. The membership fee will go tomorrow. Apparently, they are intending to focus again on writers in addition to performers and graphic writers. I expect they’ll eventually have some information about me on the site as one of the benefits of my being a member. Because I write and edit in so many genres, it is not easy to encapsulate my writing career in an easy prĂ©cis.

My membership in The Word Guild  continues, with all its benefits, including a slightly decreased registration fee for the Write!Canada Writers’ Conference that is held, usually in Guelph, each year on Father’s Day weekend. I’ve signed up and submitted the advance materials required for the continuing class in which I chose to participate.

My registration packet should arrive soon and I can decide what else I wish to do (interviews with agents, selling #Grandmother’s Necklace in bookshop, preparing a goody for the loot bags [not a requirement, but a good idea], join in the morning or night readings, etc.) There is much to do! Looking forward to seeing some familiar and new faces there. Will get to meet another editing client in person.

If all goes as usual, our house and cats will be enjoyed by our son and daughter-in-law while we are away and both Robert (husband) and myself will stay at the home of our daughter and her husband in Burlington when I’m not actually staying on site for the writers’ conference. It will be good to see the grandchildren in person, too.

My apologies to anyone who has knocked here frequently to find stale news and nobody at home. If you have questions about obtaining Grandmothers’ Necklace, or wish to do a review of it, please contact me at