Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's A Pain

Access to computer still erratic. Unnecessarily complicated to get it going which means I have to leave it on for too long at a time or take a chance on its not starting again. Today's dental surgery renders me rather indifferent to that.

Email from View-Bug waiting in pile-up stated I'd won a "Brilliant" award for a photo submitted some time ago. I couldn't actually post it without giving information re. friends, etc. See it at Morning Mist #6 by cheapshot That helps to ease the mouth pain a little.

Something else that authentically helps is reading Surprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber, who spoke and taught at #Write!Canada 2013. Have only made it to page 47 thus far. Her writing is as intelligent and personable as she was in person. Despite the sadness of some of the early topics, her light touch with them and her sense of humour are making it a joy. It may help me to identify because I, also, am somewhat geographically challenged. I hope to write a review later on. Now to join my Tylenol friends so I can concentrate on reading some more.

I'm grateful to those who have been praying for me re. the challenging dental work and the computer's illness. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh Canada, God's Love is Here!

It’s just past Canada Day, 2013. I awoke this morning thinking of a hymn text I’d written for a national competition some years ago: “Oh Canada, God’s Love is Here!” Those who have travelled or lived across Canada will be able to identify with the scenes outlined in it. This hymn was never meant to be sung in its entirety at any one time. Its intention and effect would be deadened. Parts of it have been featured on national bulletins and have been used in worship services.

Verses that relate to the area of Canada in which it was sung and those which relate to stewardship are to be used at the time of singing.

The tune for the verses is that of Great Is Thy Faithfulness, sung a little faster than it’s played on this site: The tune of the chorus is different; the music for that is indicated at the bottom of the page. It received only an honourable mention but I’d still like to share it, instead of leaving it in a manuscripts drawer. A belated Happy Canada Day to you.