Friday, November 13, 2009


Why is the apostrophe after the “s”? Because that’s where it belongs when there is more than one grandmother involved and this is the necklace of many grandmothers.
A sparkling anthology of prose and poetry containing the humour, empathy, sentiment, irony and drama of many professional and some talented non-professional writers, about grandmothers, by grandmothers and for grandmothers.
ALL profits go to Grandmothers to Grandmothers of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
RELEASE DATE: Due to be released in by the week of February 7th, during the month of hearts. HOORAY! February 15th, apparently now called family day, could be a very appropriate launch date.
PRE-ORDERS POSSIBLE? When the cover appears on the Essence website under the Epic Imprint, and elsewhere, pre-orders will be possible.
EARLIEST LAUNCHES: Expected to take place in Petawawa [location of the Petawawa Grannies, this project’s home base], Deep River, Pembroke, Ottawa, Toronto, followed by Belleville/Kingston and Kitchener/Waterloo and in other locations across Canada and the United States.
Our Irish contributor, Dianna Robin Dennis, will be in the U.S. during launch month, so is hoping to join us there or hop across to Canada. Also in the plans is a preview reading by Canadian author and poet, Kathryn MacDonald, at the embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.
Specific Launch and Reading Nights information will follow.
A FEW CONTRIBUTORS: Gillian Federico, Dianne Collier, Dr. David C. Schwartz, Judy Maddren, Phil Callaway, Kathleen Gibson. Interested? More names to come in a future blog. It is a valuable necklace, indeed.

I'm very grateful to our contributors for the level of writing which is between the covers of this book. It is a quality product, in addition to its financial value for the Grandmothers of Africa needs. People will want to read it and talk about it, not just buy it for themselves and others to support the cause.

Now, occasional browsers of this blogged blog, you know what I've been doing. The blog has remained static because I haven't.